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Brett Davis
Assistant Property Manager
RMR Real Estate Services

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the electrical and plumbing services your company has provided to RMR Real Estate Services since our Lunch & Learn session back on March 20, 2018. I had heard rumblings that your company had branched out into providing different services besides exterior lighting repairs but it didn’t really sink in until our meeting. I threw out a bunch of questions to you regarding some different/difficult electrical and plumbing scenarios we had faced in the past and I really liked the answers you provided. I was excited that I may have finally found a reliable electrical & plumbing contractor, and your company has exceeded all my expectations! You guys have come through at every turn with quick, responsive, quality services which makes my job easier and much more enjoyable. Having a very professional, reliable vendor like Century Commercial Service also enhances the perception our tenants have of RMR Real Estate Services, and for that I am truly appreciative. 

I very much look forward to working with Century Commercial Service more in the future!

Christy Cabrera
Senior Real Estate Manager

I cannot send enough praise and thanks in this email for your team at Century Services. 

We had a fire in the electrical room late Thursday night. A meter blew and caught the rest of the meters/panel on fire. Thankfully it was contained to the electrical room and did not spread to the rest of the building. 

Unfortunately we were without power. However Nathan arrived onsite and got the ball rolling and we had all the Tenants (6 tenants, 3 of which were restaurant tenants) disconnected from the main building panel and reconnected to two backup generators. All Tenants had power by 8PM on Friday!

Today the building department decided to come by and give us a list of items to complete in addition to all the work Nathan completed Friday. Nathan again was right on top of it. Jason was also down at the building department taking care of a permit. Kevin has been great as well assisting with communication  as well. 

The response we received from Century was 10x better than the response we received from our emergency remediation vendor. 

Just wanted to let you know, I so appreciate the efforts and dedication we have received on this unplanned event.

Tiffany Clement
Property Manager
Merlone Geier Partners

I’ve worked with Century Commercial Service since I started in Property Management. I love that I have one point of contact for all my properties. Century is very good about getting projects scheduled with my tenants in mind whether it is an emergency or if we need to work around a tenants operating hours. They keep detailed records so I don’t have to remember everything (even though I do of course!). I am currently working with Century to upgrade my center’s lighting to LED. The communication and attention to detail has been superb. 

Thanks Century!

Contact us at 1.800.522.1004 or contact@centuryservice.com