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Century Commercial Service can help you reduce your liability and replacement costs on your light poles and standards.  From standard pole services and upgrades to complete additions and replacements, Century can perform for you.
Ultrasonic Pole Testing – One of the most overlooked aspects of a comprehensive facility maintenance program is the proper inspection of athletic field and area light poles. These key components of your facility are subject to the elements, internal and external corrosion, weld failures and other items that if left undetected can cause a catastrophic failure. The end result? A light pole and lights on the ground, extensive property damage and potential injuries.
Rust wreaks havoc on the stability of your poles from water trapped inside the base. The majority of damage is often not visible to the naked eye, so most customers are blindsided when their poles fall over- injuring people, damaging property and running up substantial repair costs.
Do not be blindsided by costly lighting pole accidents! Mitigate your risk with an Ultrasonic Pole Test from California Retrofit Inc. An inexpensive ultrasonic pole test is the only sure way to detect the level of rust and corrosion accumulating invisibly inside your poles. Unsafe poles are identified, qualified, and can be replaced before any accidents, claims, or outages occur. With an Ultrasonic Pole Test from C.R.I, we provide a detailed report including:
  • Photos of each pole
  • Visual inspection notes
  • Ultrasonic test results
  • Cost estimates for repairs and replacement. We can also include recommendations for retrofitting your existing fixtures with more advanced lighting technologies that have improved energy efficiency and better optics.
Light Pole Painting – A fresh coat of protective paint can help prevent Rust from forming or expanding on your pole surfaces.   We use only the highest performance coatings to give you long-lasting quality, protecting your capital investment.
Replacement & Repairs – There are a number of different factors that can cause a Light Pole to fall down or become damaged.  Century is your On-Call Service Provider to respond to these needs.  We will “safe-off” the Electrical feeds at the pole base, remove all damaged pole and fixture materials and offer a quote for repair or replacement.  Through our network of suppliers, we can offer a matching replacement for any pole style or need.
Concrete Pole Bases – From Concrete Epoxy Repairs, Damaged Concrete Base Removal & Replacement to New Pole Base Additions and Installation, Century Commercial Service is here for you.  Concrete Pole Bases usually require engineering and permitting for installation that can be performed In-House by Century’s Design Team.