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Century Commercial Service is the Premier Service Provider for Exterior Lighting Maintenance in California.  With over 30 fully stocked Service Vehicles throughout California, Century has set the standard for providing the fastest response to your service needs.  Century offers a number of different customizable programs to fit your property needs.
Preventative Maintenance Programs – Century offers Monthly Lighting Service Programs to fit any property needs.  From individual property Monthly or Quarterly services to Portfolio Inclusive Customized Programs, Century can meet your expectation at a price that makes sense.
Site Mapping, Labeling & Auditing – Century will create an exclusive site map of your property, showing all lighting fixture locations.  All lighting fixtures are assigned a unique number and label for service tracking and warranties.  Century will also perform monthly night time audits and report any repairs that are needed.
On-Call Services – From Same Day Service to After Hours Emergency Requests, Century offers 24/7 response to all property needs.  Our Emergency Service Program will ensure a response from a live Customer Service Representative to speak with about your needs.