Color Changing LEDs

Kelvin/Color Output Control LED Smartcast
Century Service and CREE LED Lighting are proud to announce a breakthrough in Lighting Control Technology…

Smart CastWhen CREE’s Smartcast Lighting Control Technology first came to market, it was a revolutionary product that allowed our customers to easily meet their California Title 24 lighting requirements. The Smartcast Control Technology allows the CREE LED lighting fixtures to be controlled wirelessly, grouping themselves into their own zones for optimum energy savings, sense if a room is occupied in order to dim or shut off accordingly and measure ambient incoming light to allow for maximum daylight harvesting.

Smart CastCREE has now pushed the technology one step further. With the latest 1.5 version of Smartcast Technology, the user now has the ability to wirelessly control the color output of each fixture. This allows complete customization ability of a space without the need to change lamps, fixtures or ballasts.

By utilizing the wireless control remote, you now can immediately choose between 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 and 5000 Kelvin temperature output from your CREE LED Lighting fixtures without effecting lighting levels or output. Give your interior space the ability to be completely flexible based on your User’s needs or desires.

The days of building-wide relamps are now a thing of the past. Move into the future with Century Service and CREE LED Lighting.

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