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The Century brand is proud to celebrate over 30 years in business. Founded in 1984 by Keith Estes, Century Lighting was first started in the most humble of ways by selling commercial grade lighting supplies door-to-door to local businesses, restaurants and hotels. The Century location started in a very small rented warehouse space in Auburn, California. By 1987, Keith was able to build an office building in the Auburn Airport District and move the company to this location. Since then, three more office buildings and one warehouse building have been constructed to create Century Industrial Park.

In the early 1990’s, Century Lighting went through its first of many expansions by offering Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades as well as Lighting Maintenance Services to commercial property managers. Century Lighting quickly earned a very positive reputation, which helped them grow to be the premier Lighting Contractor in the Sacramento Region.

In 2006, Century Lighting focused their efforts on expanding their services to the greater Bay Area and Central Valley. The high level of service and professionalism offered by Century was well received by the industry professionals. Century Lighting has since become a leader in these regions.

2012 brought on a name change along with the addition of two new service offerings to customers. As electrical services had been requested by customers for a number of years, the “& Electric” was added to end of the “Century Lighting” name along with full electrical service. Century Lighting & Electric now supported a full Electrical Service Team as well as an Energy Services Project Department. As a long-time licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor, Century Lighting & Electric was now able to respond to service and project needs beyond just lighting repairs and upgrades in the Northern California Region.

By 2015, Century Lighting & Electric had grown to become one of the largest full-service Electrical Contractors in the Northern California Region, maintaining over 2,000 Commercial Properties. A company that started out as just one man and his station wagon. With over 100 dedicated team members and over 50 fleet service vehicles, Century is the name that everyone can rely on.

Now in 2017, the Century name has changed once again! It has been requested again for Century to expand our services, so that customers can get the “Century Level of Customer Service” for other service needs at their properties.

Century Commercial Service is now the name to be trusted for Lighting, Electrical, Plumbing and ESCO Services. With a dedicated customer service and field technician team, Century Commercial Service is unlike any other service company you have ever experienced. Century is the “One Stop Shop” that supports Commercial Property Managers and Ownership needs.

Contact us at 1.800.522.1004 or contact@centuryservice.com