CalSTRS Parking Lot

CalSTRS Parking Lot + Garage, West Sacramento
LED Upgrade & Installation

Since the beginning of 2014, Century Lighting & Electric has been working with CalSTRS (California State Teachers’ Retirement System) to design an efficient, yet aesthetic, solution to upgrade their high end parking lot and parking garage.Plot before-after

The goal was to lower the energy usage of their existing 300 fixtures, remove dark shadow areas in both the parking garage and parking lot and make the installation of the lighting look like it was originally designed.

Garage3 before-afterAfter reviewing the scope and several product selection meetings, Cree LED lighting was selected because of their performance, functionality, high quality, cost savings and 10 year fixture warranty. The parking garage fixtures with programmable features were selected to allow daylight harvesting on the perimeter, occupancy dimming on all fixtures and constant light to select fixtures near emergency phone locations. The whole parking garage was designed to keep a minimum of 10 foot candles spread across the entire building. The parking lot was selected utilizing occupancy dimming fixtures to lighten the load by approximately 50% overnight. These parking garage fixtures decreased the wattage by more than half with a superior lighting distribution!

Garage2 before-afterCentury Lighting & Electric worked closely with PG&E during this project in the ability to secure the highest possible Energy Efficient Rebate. Thanks to our team of specialists, whom are educated in the complicated rebate process, CalSTRS received a remarkable rebate on this LED installation.

Garage before-afterBecause of the constant flow of traffic in and out of the busy parking garage and parking lot during the day, it was a requirement for this project to be completed during non-business hours. Thanks to our hard-working technicians, over-night crews, steady planning and constant attention, this project was completed ahead of schedule.

Century Lighting & Electric has successfully reduced CalSTRS’s energy consumption by 83% through this LED upgrade. This parking lot and garage lighting now has a life rating of 150,000 hours and is backed by a 10 year warranty!

Check out this Aerial Video of the new CalSTRS LED Lighting Upgrade!