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Century Lighting & Electric Upgrades Over 1,000 Exterior Lighting Fixtures to New Energy Efficient LED’s for Buzz Oates Management Services.

plot4Since the beginning of 2014, Century Lighting & Electric has been working closely with the Buzz Oates Management Team in order to upgrade 1,062 fixtures, at 50 of their properties from Sacramento to Fresno, to new energy efficient LED lighting. The goal was to improve the existing lighting conditions and create a more uniform lighting level while providing significant energy savings. After evaluating the project, CREE LED Lighting was selected because of their superior performance, reputation as a high quality product and providing the best cost savings backed by a reliable 10 year warranty.

20140815_225635Century Lighting and Electric worked closely with the Buzz Oates Management Team to evaluate each location. These evaluations compared the current existing lighting technology at each property to the new proposed LED’s. These comparisons evaluated lighting levels, cost of installation and Return on Investment. The Asset management team approved each project based on the selected criteria. Century Lighting & Electric then worked with both SMUD and PG&E to pre-quality the projects and secure the highest possible Energy Efficient Rebates.

As a Turn-Key Service Provider, Century Lighting & Electric was able to provide a full Energy Analysis and Cost Savings Report, schedule fixture ordering, secure the product delivery and complete all installations. To take advantage of expiring utility rebates, Century Lighting and Electric had to quickly coordinate the project in order to meet the required deadlines. Because Century Lighting and Electric has satellite locations throughout all the project regions, they were able to quickly mobilize several crews to properly install the new LED Fixtures as well as providing all needed permits.

Buzz Oates Companies now has maintenance free exterior lighting that reduces their electrical usage by over 65% with a life rating of 150,000 hours backed by a 10 year warranty.

Buzz Oates Companies and Century Lighting & Electric, as a team, has successfully reduced the carbon footprint in the Northern California Region.

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What our Customers have to say…

“I am writing this letter to thank your company, Century Lighting & Electric, for the job well done on finishing our LED upgrades at our Davis buildings this summer. Within the month of the construction project, your company showed diligence and dedication to finishing the work on time! The difference in the parking lot lighting is unbelievable. I have received several compliments from the tenants, thanking us for making the buildings brighter and the parking lots better lit. We would not hesitate to refer Century Lighting & Electric to other organizations that are in need of quality services from an electrical contractor. Thank you again for a job well done and I look forward to working with Century Lighting & Electric on future projects.”
Sara Rice
Buzz Oates Property Manager

“Buzz Oates Management recently partnered with Century Lighting & Electric for an exterior parking lot and building lighting upgrade at 10600 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova, CA. During this upgrade we changed out the existing High Pressure Sodium pole lighting and wallpack fixtures to new LED lighting fixtures manufactured by CREE Lighting. We are beyond pleased with the results! This upgrade will not only save the property money, the property is now safer and has a consistent, aesthetically pleasing amount of light. The anticipated energy savings for this property is 65% annually; there is also an added maintenance savings of $1,500 annually, as the LED lights have a 10 year warranty. Beyond the cost of savings, our tenants are pleased with the safety of a well-lit parking lot. Century Lighting & Electric is efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a long-term relationship with them and many more LED lighting upgrades at our other properties! I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to perform an upgrade.”
Jessica Young
Buzz Oates Property Manager