Pacific Shores Plaza

Pacific Shores Plaza, Redwood City
100+ Light Pole Replacement Project

site mapCentury Service worked closely with Equity Office Properties in order to replace 138, of the over 500, Parking Lot Lighting Poles. The current poles had their structural integrity compromised due to the salt air as well as water build up inside the poles. These combined factors cause the poles to rust and even completely fall down.

Century Service performed Pole Density Testing before the project, in order to best identify which poles should first be replaced. This Density Test is a great maintenance standard that should be performed on poles at least once a year.

Century Service then installed the new poles, with a protective corrosion resistant finish, in place of the existing damaged poles. The existing light fixtures were able to be attached to the new poles. The installation was completed on a very tight schedule and in record time for the customer.

Equity Office Properties plans on continuing to replace the rest of the poles over the next 3 years to ensure safety and security of their parking lot.