Port of Benicia, Amports Project

Port of Benicia, CA
Amports Project with Cree LED Fixture Installation,
Wireless Controls and Security Cameras

Port Before The Port of Benicia was awarded a 1.5 million dollar grant from Homeland Defense to improve their security. The Port of Benicia is operated by Amports and is a major automobile import facility where vehicles are off loaded from cargo ships, processes, staged, relocated onto car carriers and transported to dealers in the Western United States. A fully integrated wireless Closed Circuit TV system was required, but the outdated 87 acre facility did not have adequate lighting levels and many areas were totally dark.

Century Service was among a group of companies selected from across the nation that had the ability to design and install the lighting layout including a security system consisting of Closed Circuit TV cameras and motion sensors. Century Service was awarded this high profile project based on several factors:
• Best Lighting Design
• Wireless CCTV Camera Systems
• Wireless Network Security
• Best Overall Contract Price

Port AfterCentury Service worked closely with Port Officials, Amports, City of Benicia and the vehicle transport companies to provide the required lighting levels for safety and security, preventing lighting to trespass outside of the facility onto neighboring residential housing. Most of the existing electrical distribution system needed to be replaced, Century Service worked with the local utility company and building department to meet the new electrical codes and requirements.

• Two hundred and eight (208) Cree LED HO fixtures were installed using over ten different lens optics to direct the light to the needed areas.

• The LED fixtures are controlled using a wireless networking networking system that allows the lights to operate normally at low lighting levels for maximum energy savings.

• Over 200 outside motion sensors were installed, any activity near a light pole, programmed the lights within that area to power up to full brightness.

• Over 80 CCTV cameras were installed at the top of the poles to provide full visibility of the entire facility.

• Installation of an On-Site Central Monitoring Station with multiple large screens, depicting all angles, for viewing by security.

The lights will normally operate at a reduced lighting level for maximum energy savings, but will then turn up to full brightness if there is activity in the area. This greatly improves safety and also draws attention to that area of activity by the security guards. The entire facility is divided into zones and any zone can be overridden at the monitoring station at the security office. An incoming cargo ship in the middle of the night will have a brightly lighted dock for their approach, tie down and off load.

Century Service completed this large project on time and within budget. Thanks to the new LED lighting, motion sensors and security camera system, this port facility is now a safe and secure environment for the workers, ships and the hundreds of imported automobiles kept on site.