Reliable Cadillac/Roseville Automall LED Project

Reliable Cadillac, Roseville Automall
Sales Lot LED Fixture Installation Project

Reliable CadillacCentury Lighting and Electric worked with the Roseville Automall to establish a new lighting standard using CREE Edge HO LED fixtures. The first dealership to change out their lighting was Reliable Cadillac/Buick. This CREE fixture is unique due to it’s choice of over 25 different optic designs. Each optic design directs the light into a particular pattern on the ground. Using a computer modeling program, 5 different optic designs were used to assure uniform lighting throughout the entire lot.

The CREE special “front row” optics was used to increase lighting levels in this critical area of the sales lot. The end result utilized the existing poles, but reduced the number of fixtures and produced a brilliant night time outdoor showroom. Energy consumption was reduced by 64%. This lighting system is maintenance free for 10 years and backed with a 10 year warranty!

Just putting up LED lighting fixtures is not the best solution. The best solution is to design and layout the correct LED fixtures using different lighting patterns. This will create uniform lighting and maximize the energy savings.

LED lighting is a long term investment, let Century Service design the right system for you!