Niketown, San Francisco

Niketown Union Square in San Francisco, CA
LED Exterior Lighting Project

Niketown After↙ After

Madison Marquette Property Management contacted Century Lighting & Electric with a request to make their Union Square building “brighter”. They wanted their Niketown building to stand out among the other high-rise buildings in this highly popular shopping district of downtown San Francisco… and Century Lighting & Electric was happy to help! After planning and creating a custom lighting design with the customer, this major retrofit job took off and was completed in a short amount of time. Since this job had high priority and was hard to access with the busy downtown streets and pedestrians, this had to be a night-time only job. Century Lighting & Electric had to request permission to shut down streets while installing the new fixtures.


Niketown BeforeBefore ↘

To make this new lighting design very bright and energy efficient and beautiful to the eyes, LED fixtures were installed in the lower tiers with fluorescent fixtures installed at the very top tier. By using LED and fluorescent lighting, this exterior lighting is very low energy and maintenance free for 10 years!